July 14, 2019

Shane + Marissa | DIY Backyard Wedding Dunkirk, MD

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Shane and Marissa's backyard wedding is to this date - one of my very favorite weddings I've ever had the pleasure of photographing. It was a 100% DIY effort and was so thoughtful and intentional - I loved every moment. These two got married on a sweltering and wet June day and they were absolutely so incredibly joyful and full of bliss that it was contagious.

I love how sweet Marissa studied their choreographed dance on flash cards. And how Shane worked and worked and worked until we had to force him to go get ready.

Even when it rained. Even when the bottom of Marisssa's dress was covered with 6 inches of mud. Even when tiny frogs hopped out and tried to murder me (okay, maybe not murder!). These two smiled and kissed and just let the day be the day and what a day it was!