July 6, 2019

The Brown Family | Washington, DC Family Photographer

Families + Children

One of the things I repeat often is that when photographing children the best way to capture them is to just let them be children. This means that we have to be absolutely patient and work on their terms and I promise you that I'm okay with doing this. This was the second year that I had the pleasure of having this sweet family in front of my camera.

In absolute truthfulness - I look forward to seeing your kiddos year after year and look how much these two adorable twins have grown! I love how expressive children are and the pureness of their spirit when they're having a good time and when they are absolutely fed up with my camera and doing anything that isn't exactly what they want to do.

We spent a really lovely afternoon in a local DC park just wandering and talking and I love the relaxed and loving vibe of these photos so much.